Please note that beginning on September 2, 2018, the Misa en Español
will be at 12:00 PM and every Sunday thereafter until further notice.

Father Pablo will be on vacation from August 16 thru August 31.  During this time, there will be no weekday Masses.  On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, we will have Word Service at 8:00 AM.  On Wednesday, Word Service will be at 6:00 PM.

New Christian Formation Ministry
Christian Formation is the umbrella term that captures the essence of what we strive to do as we educate and form adults, children and teens in the Catholic faith. It is a lifelong process aimed at conversion and growth in faith. Christian Formation involves the tasks of catechesis, building and living in faith communities, proclaiming the Christian message, leading people to prayer, and motivating people to serve others. The process of formation consists of everyone in our parish community - staff and parishioners - responding in faith to share faith. We are in need of individuals who are willing to serve as Catechist in this rewarding ministry.

If you are interested in finding out how you can help please contact Carmen Velazquez in our parish office or John J. Mathe Jr. our Coordinator of Christian Formation.
Please Remember in Your Prayers
All members of our parish who are not in perfect health: Allison Widmeyer, Ed Ralosky, Joe Emanuele, and Barbara Hogue. Note: Names on our prayer list are for individuals who are hospitalized, undergoing surgery, or in hospice/home care.  

My Parish App Information
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Our Mission Statement
“We are a welcoming and embracing community centered on Jesus in the Eucharist.”